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Hi, I'm Vera Fischer and I founded 97 Degrees West and 97 Incubator.

Vera Fischer's Bio:

Bridging two worlds comes naturally to German-born, American-raised Vera Fischer, whose career has been marked by the ability to master the strategic nuances between clients and agencies, brands and consumers, strategy and execution, traditional and interactive media. Her professional life was jump-started at nationally renowned GSD&M and later honed her skills with T3, one of the largest independent agencies in the country. Vera moved to the client side as Vice President at Portaris and then as Director of Marketing at Forgent Networks, serving under the visionary CEO who had once introduced the world to the wildly profitable line of HP printers. After founding her own successful firm, Blue Shoe Marketing, the resourceful and engaging hybrid talent launched 97° West in 2008 to create the strongest links possible between people and brands through innovative research, global design, and unleashing the power of human experience. Vera is a gifted interviewer and inspirational team leader with an outstanding understanding of business and finance.

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Business Strategy, Revenue Strategy, Marketing, Business Leadership, Idea Generation, Advertising, Branding

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